Friday, April 1, 2011


Tonight we made sushi!!!  We love sushi around here.  We had seaweed wrapper, sushi rice, smoked salmon, raw salmon, raw ahi tuna, cream cheese, deep fried raw green chili, and avocado.  And a little lemon zest.  I made spicy mayo to go on top.

Sushi Rice

  • 2 cups Japanese sushi rice
  • 5 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
  • 6 sheets nori (dry seaweed)
  1. Soak rice for 4 hours. Drain rice and cook in 2 cups of water. Rice must be slightly dry as vinegar will be added later.
  2. Immediately after rice is cooked, mix in 5 tablespoons rice vinegar to the hot rice. Spread rice on a plate until completely cool.
  3. Place 1 sheet of seaweed on bamboo mat, press a thin layer of cool rice on the seaweed. Leave at least 1/2 inch top and bottom edge of the seaweed uncovered. This is for easier sealing later.  Arrange your favorite toppings on the rice. Position them about 1 inch away from the bottom edge of the seaweed.
  4. Slightly wet the top edge of the seaweed. Roll from bottom to the top edge with the help of the bamboo mat tightly. Cut roll into 8 equal pieces and serve. Repeat for other rolls.
Spicy Mayo


3 Tbsp Mayo
1 Tbsp Sriracha hot chili sauce
3 drops black sesame seed oil
8-10 drops lemon juice


Mix together all ingredients in a small bowl.

My wife Amber made cake-pops for desert. You'll have to get the recepie from her!

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